Learn Spanish.Catch upwith your Spanish or  give a boost with a Spanish bootcamp day in small sized groups.

Who is this bootcamp day for ?

  • For anybody who wants to improve their Spanish orbecome more confident when speaking. (intermediate and advanced levels)
  • For anybody who cant seem to find time for practisingSpanish.
  • For anybody who needs to use Spanish and has not usedit for a while.
  • For anybody who wants to put in practise what they arealready studying but never finds the right moment

What is a Spanish bootcamp day?

It is an intense Spanish practice.You wil be fully immersed into Spanish.You will practise during /for 5 hours, non stop learning.You will listen and use Spanish language in different contexts all throughout the day in small size group of 6 people.It is a whole morning/afternoon program oriented to improve your Spanish, and strengthen some key specific points for each level. ​

How does it work? Classes & Experiences

First we will meet at the meeting pointand have breakfast together.Soon after we will have a class that will includeseveral dynamics  and conversational exercises aimed at practising,learning and improving your Spanish.Along these conversational exercises you will be able to focuss on certain grammar key points you might have problems with. We will use activities tailored to your level and needs that will help youto get more confident about different grammar aspects of Spanishlanguage.  .Later we will have lunch together after lunch we will have agoodbye coffee/teas. 

Conversational activities and games

Activities tailored to your level and needs

Social activities in Spanish ( breakfast, lunch, watchba movie have a drink together)

​By the end of the day You should feel you have  done a really great job. It is a great opportunity to improve Spanish rapidly which often  is not an easy task here in Bcn.

A journey to improve your fluency, yourgrammar, the speaking and listening , resolve your doubts while you increaseyour vocabulary making new friends

What is included?

Level test

Breakfast coffee

5 hours of Spanish practise




 If you still have any question,please dont hesitate to contact us

​Where does it take place?